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Flying into Munich
Munich International Airport is clean, open and chilled compared to the average UK airport. Several airlines offer good deals from most airports in the UK and Ireland. Most fly to Munich's main "Franz Josef Strauss" airport.

Ryan Air however flies into Memmingen – a 75 mile coach ride from Munich. 
Airlines Direct from the UK

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Airline Search Engines

Combined flight & hotel deals from, Kayak etc.


Next MJive

Montag 16.10.17

kein MJive!


Mittwoch - 18.10.17

19.30 - 22:30

TSK Sennebogen
Karlstr. 44
U2 Königsplatz


!! Nächste PARTY !!


20:00 - 00:00


Tanzschule Sennebogen

U1/2 Königsplatz


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