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Our Guide to Getting Around outlines the basics - connecting airport to city centre, as well as getting around town. There's a lot more on the Munich public transport website - ticket information & prices, etc. - and you can download a plan of Munich's U- & S-Bahn network too.

There's also a Google map showing the main Winter Jive locations at

Connections into MunichFranz Josef Strauss airport
From Munich's main airport you can take the S-Bahn or the Lufthansa Airport Bus to the Hauptbahnhof (main train station) in the heart of the city. Both take around 45 minutes but the S-Bahn runs more often and is a bit cheaper. 

Connections into MunichMemmingem airport
From Memmingem "Allgäu" Airport you can choose between the Allgäu-Airport-Express, a direct bus transfer to Munich main train station (Hauptbahnhof) or taking the bus to Memmingem's train station (ZOB) and then the train into Munich.

The Allgäu-Airport-Express runs direct buses from Memmingen to Munich, which wait for Ryanair arrivals to check through. It costs €20.00 (€17 if you pre-book on the internet) with a journey time of 1hr 35 mins.

Alternatively, there are regular buses (lines 2, 810/811) from the airport to Memmingem train station (the ZOB) - the fare is €3.00 and the journey lasts 12 mintues. Alternatively take a taxi. 

From ZOB there trains to Munich roughly every half hour - see the Deutsche Bahn website for full details. The faster (and more expensive) ICE trains do the run in just over an hour and 15 minutes. The regional (RE/RB) trains take around one hour 40 minutes - but you can use a Bayern-Ticket which costs just €25 (plus an extra €6 for each extra person, for up to 5 people in a group).


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