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Munich Accommodation


Our centrally located hotel - the 3*** Hotel Alfa - offers great value for money in the perfect location. Just a few minutes walk from the main train station and our party & workshop venue, Sennebogen dance school.
**Check out our prices page for the deals available**
Spaces are limited and the rooms will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. 

Or choose for yourself

There's a wide range of accommodation on offer, sites like , Air BnB and of so plenty of choice from budget hostels to more luxurious accommodation. Below is a small selection to get you going.

Basic Budgets

·          Self-catering flat for 4-6 people

·          Euro Youth Hostel*

·          Wombat's Hostel*

·          4You Hostel*

·          two Easy Palace Hostels - both central*

·          YMCA Munich*

·          Jaeger's Hostel*

·          two A&O hostels - both central*

·          Meininger City Hostel

·          Youth Hostel, Neuhausen

·          Haus International

·          The Tent

* Denotes less than 10-minute walk to Munich central station 'Hauptbahnhof' 

A little more luxury

·          Hotel Eder*

·          Creative Elephant*

·          Hotel Germania*

·          Hotel Rotkreuzplatz

·          Hotel Wallis*

·          Hotel Imperial

·          Art Hotel Munich*

·          Westend Hotel

·          Hotel Brunnenhof*

·          Hotel Orly

·          Hotel am Nockherberg

Next MJive

Montag 16.10.17

kein MJive!


Mittwoch - 18.10.17

19.30 - 22:30

TSK Sennebogen
Karlstr. 44
U2 Königsplatz


!! Nächste PARTY !!


20:00 - 00:00


Tanzschule Sennebogen

U1/2 Königsplatz


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